Aut Aut is a dynamic architectural practice, based in Rome, combining several young professionals in an open, non-hierarchical way.
Context understanding is the fundamental precondition in our approach, definable as strategic and devoted to a cultural production which aims to propel social enhancement.
We believe that the architectural project, besides being an investigative and critical device able to condense and metabolise cultural contradictions, is a tool capable of catalysing and propelling a certain discourse through the envisioning of new and even provocative spaces.


 Young Italian Architects PresS/Tletter + P/A
Finalist – 2018

New Italian Blood architecture firms under 36
First Prize – 2017

M.I.U.R. – Scuole Innovative
First Prize – 2017

ePower & Building Competition
Special Mention – 2016

Young Architects Competitions
Third Prize – 2016

Buckminster Fuller Institute
Nursery Fields Forever included in the Catalyst Program – 2016

AWR Competitions
First Prize – 2016


Gabriele Capobianco
Co-founder of Aut Aut Architettura, he holds a degree in Architecture from Roma Tre University (2015). He worked as an intern at ABDR and Studio Transit, and as interior designer for Mama Design, developing several projects in Italy, Russia, and China.

Edoardo Capuzzo Dolcetta
He graduated in Architecture at Roma Tre University in 2015 and developed his international architectural knowledge by studying in Spain at the Universitat Politècnica de València (ES). After cooperating with several architectural firms based in Rome such as Giacomini Architects, StudioRome (Tom Rankin), Daniele Durante (BV36), and Idroesse Engeneering, he co-founded Aut Aut Architettura in 2016.

Jonathan Lazar
He holds a BA in Cultural Anthropology from Sapienza University of Rome, and a BSc in Architecture from Roma Tre University. In 2014 he gets an MSc degree cum laude in Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences from TU Delft (NL). Beyond an early internship at StellaRichter+Ochoa with whom he won the OPPTA competition, he got a Special Mention for the Europan 13 Trondheim with Protocol Collective, NL based firm of which he was founding member. In 2016 he co-founded Aut Aut Architettura.

Damiano Ranaldi
He graduated in Architecture at Roma Tre University in 2015 cum laude. He worked as an intern with the competitions team at Léonwohlhage firm in Berlin and particularly deepened his expertise in the remediation of contaminated brownfield lands. In 2016 he joined Aut Aut Architettura as partner.

Collaborations with

Giulio De Bonfils, Alessandro De Simone, Gabriele Fiorentino, Juan Granero Moneva, Flavio Graviglia, Guillaume Guerrier, Davide Troiani