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Liceo G. Verga ad Adrano

Educational – Landscape

At the core of the design of the buildings composing the New Giovanni Verga High School is the intention to harmonize aspects related to environmental sustainability, construction simplicity, economic feasibility, and space optimization. Special attention has been given to the flexibility of spaces, ensuring their mergeability and redefinability to allow for dynamic use during school hours and various possibilities of use throughout the rest of the day. The New Campus is indeed intended as a multifunctional civic center, a outpost of knowledge, and a reference point for the entire community.The building has a rectangular footprint of 61 x 21 meters and spans three above-ground floors (served by an elevator), reaching a total area of 3,700 square meters (GFA). From the entrance located on the new pedestrian avenue and protected by a portico pocket, one accesses through a compass to a large double-height atrium overlooking the library and from which a tribune, intended as "augmented distribution", starts, a place for crossing and staying, socializing, and attending presentations and shows.

On the first floor (at a height of +5.50 meters), there are also the administration offices with the secretary, the teachers' room, and the physics and chemistry laboratory. On the two upper floors, a large central distribution - furnished to be experienced to the fullest with relaxation areas and wall benches - serves the 18 classrooms and 6 laboratories overlooking the north and south terraces (art, music, theater, languages, informatics, audio-video laboratories). The gymnasium building constitutes the other front of the pedestrian avenue and has a rectangular footprint of 32 x 32 meters, developing 950 square meters (GFA) over two above-ground floors with an internal height under beam of the play area of about 8 meters. The large play area is designed to ensure maximum flexibility and versatility of use, allowing it to be used as a single space for both school and extracurricular activities. Adjacent to it is a service area housing changing rooms, toilets, storage rooms, and bleachers. The building has multiple access points, from the square to the south and from the parking lot, from the pedestrian avenue allowing access to the bleachers level, and finally directly from the school building to the locker room level, thus accommodating all possible uses of the structure, from daytime hours to extracurricular times.


Assignment: Competition
Client:  Comune di Catania
Status: 4th prize
Year: 2023
Location: Adrano, ITA
Size: 6.000 mq
Budget: 13.500.000 €

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