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Angelo Mai - Centro sportivo e culturale

Reuse – Urban design – Landscape

The landscape design outlines an urban corridor that connects via Clementina to via S. Giuseppe Labre redefining the block. A central path divides the garden in two areas: the northern one is defined by dense vegetation that screens the garden from the the neighboring buildings; while the southern one is defined by the alternation of grassy fields and mineral paths. Two of these paths acquire larger dimensions becoming small squares; one in front of the new café and the other one in front of the media room.

Those squares define a system together with the one envisioned on via Camilla where the main accesses to the garden and to the gymnasium building are positioned.

The volume of the gymnasium is organized on three levels. The lowest houses the double height lobby. The central level is positioned at the same altitude of the garden and is directly accessible from the school yard. It hosts the changing rooms and the café. The gymnasium is located at the third floor, enriched with a window overlooking the park.


Assignment: Competition
Client:  Comune di Roma
Status: Design – Competition entry
Year: 2021
Location: Rome, ITA
Size: 2.000 mq
Budget: 1.950.000 €

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