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Restaurant – Reuse - Interior

The project tackled the renovation of a small building built in the early 1900s next to the local market of via Flaminia. Originally conceived as a two-story house, the building has been transformed into a restaurant, now adapted to the requirements of the new owner and chefs. The kitchen is conceived as an aquarium where the chefs can interact with the guests seating at the counter. The huge tailored grill handcrafted in Sicily is the throbbing heart of the kitchen. At the upper floor is located a bright dining room, while a lovely terrace where the guests can dine with a view of Porta Flaminia is located at the top-floor. The office took care of the architectural and technical design, from the layout phase to the construction management, while the interior design was carried out in collaboration with Salefino.


Assignment: Direct
Client:  Marzapane
Status: Built
Year: 2021-2022
Location: Roma, ITA
Size: 400 mq
Budget: 200.000 €
With: Salefino

Photographs: Alberto Blasetti

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