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Polo d'infanzia 0-6 a Villaputzu

Educational – Landscape

The New Children's Center of Villaputzu is located in the same place where the kindergarten school currently stands, declared uninhabitable in the early months of 2022. The studio was commissioned to demolish the existing school and build a new one that would become a landmark and a reference for the entire community.

The plot on which the new building will rise is a large embankment built in the 1970s, supported by powerful white-plastered cement underground walls. In 2017, the plot underwent an expansion intervention that made changes to the shape and perimeter of the land.

The new complex, with a stereometric layout, is placed at the center of the plot, leaving all the space around it free and creating three distinct areas that host the gardens adjacent to the two schools and the area designated for educational garden and outdoor dining.

The building aims to integrate into the urban and social context, opening up to the community through the creation of a square and a playground for children at the entrance to the school complex, accessible to the entire city outside of school hours. These spaces become vital meeting points between the young users of the school and the city.


Assignment: Direct

Client:  Comune di Villaputzu

Status: Under costruction

Year: 2023-2025

Location: Villaputzu (SU), ITA

Size: 1.000 mq

Budget: 2.800.000 €

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