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Cisterna delle Sette Sale in Roma

Cultural  – Urban design – Landscape

The project originates from the idea of enveloping the archaeological area of the Seven Halls cistern with a system of circular paths that, adapting to the terrain slope and the distribution of artifacts, guide the visitor through the site emphasizing its unity. The first ring introduces the place: following the natural slopes of the ground and respecting the existing vegetation, it encircles the entire archaeological area and shows its relationship with the surrounding urban environment thanks to a viewpoint on the street side from which one reaches the recovered space of the cistern. To the west, the path follows the slope of the terrain, while to the east it is structured into a system of self-supporting ramps in order to preserve the remains of the horreum. The second ring, tangent to the first in the NE corner, surrounds the terrace and allows for a panoramic view of the surroundings. The two circular paths generate a visit flow with a centrifugal character in which the visitor can access the assets and view them without interfering with the experience of other users. The project culminates in an elliptical-shaped covering that serves as a volumetric counterpoint to the nearby Colosseum and encloses the entire archaeological site within it, ensuring protection from atmospheric agents. In the concavity, the covering houses a thin water mirror that from above and from afar recalls the most representative element of the archaeological system: water.


Assignment: Competition
Client:  Comune di Roma
Status: Shortlisted
Year: 2022
Location: Roma, ITA
Size: 6.500 mq
Budget: 5.580.000 €
With: Sossia De Vita

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