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Light Is More

Reuse – Hospitality – Landscape

The project proposes a strategy of intervention based on several considerations regarding both the local context and the way of approaching heritage in a wider perspective. Zooming in on the Plemmirio peninsula, we encounter a rather intense anthropization made of vacation houses untidily dotting the inner area and the southern coast. On the contrary, due to both geomorphological reasons and to the presence of the Navy base of the lighthouse, the extremity of the peninsula resisted urbanisation. We consider this absence of construction as being part of the heritage as much as the buildings present on site. The opportunity of exploiting the lighthouse of Murro di Porco must be yet supported by a still economically viable strategy. Therefore we propose a binary program. On the one hand the buildings are transformed into a Relais&Chateaux-like facility. On the other hand the project envisions an acupunctural landscape intervention.


Assignment: Competition
Client:  Lighthouse Sea Hotel - YAC

Status: 3rd Prize
Year: 2016
Location: Siracusa, ITA
Size: 1.000 mq
Budget: -

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