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Campus Italia di Poste Italiane - Bologna

Retail – Reuse – Landscape

The project proposes a measured intervention that engages with the existing building through simple geometries, attention to proportions and architectural modules, and the use of sustainable materials: the new Campus Italia in Bologna aims to become a recognizable hub and reference point among the properties owned by Poste Italiane.

The architectural design aims to integrate the existing building on the site with the future Campus. Using a 3.5x4 m module taken from the internal structure of the existing building, a structural grid is created for the entire new intervention. The new building thus assumes a compact footprint of approximately 21m x 26m and consists of two above-ground floors. The whole is connected thanks to the insertion of a pergola-covered porch that binds together the "old and new" through a shared green patio, also usable for outdoor educational events in the warmer seasons.

The building features glass external walls integrated with a hi-tech facade system composed of sunshades and photovoltaic panels used to screen natural light in the interior spaces. The upper floor gains more character due to the slight inclination of the external glass wall. On the roof, the visible installations signify their strategic role in the intervention; they are the technological heart of the Campus. Surrounding them, a crown of green roof (with sedum and/or small shrubs) helps improve the building's comfort. An external retractable staircase allows access to the roof for maintenance without the need to pass through the interior (even during closure hours).


Assignment: Restricted Competition
Client:  Poste Italiane
Status: Competition entry
Year: 2024
Location: Bologna, ITA
Size: 800 mq
Budget: 2.600.000 €
With: Sparch s.r.l.

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