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Children's Museum of Bologna

Cultural – Urban design – Landscape

The Bologna children’s museum will become a new socio-cultural landmark operating both at the urban level and at the national one. It’s insertion in the peripheral Pilastro district should be considered as an oppurtunity to revitalize the area. 


The project envisions the positioning of the building to be set back from the two existing public facilities. This operation allows the arrangement of a boulevard: a public device to be fully used and enjoyed by the citizens. The building is imagined as a joyful and colorful factory.


The reference to the archetype of productive buildings originates from one of the Reggio Emilia Approach’ principles that sees the child as producer of knowledge. The interior space is in fact designed as a fuid sequence of free and flexible spaces – divided by structural X-LAM cores – where the heritage of the museum can be built by the children and the communities that will inhabit the Museum.



Assignment: Competition

Client:  Comune di Bologna

Status: 1st Prize – ongoing

Year: 2022

Location: Bologna, ITA

Size: 2.000 mq

Budget: 3.550.000 €

With: dedaLegno, Equiwatt

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