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Auditorium di Tivoli

Cultural – Reuse – Urban design – Landscape

The intervention aims to achieve the objectives identified by the Municipality of Tivoli through the definition of a series of priorities deduced from the analysis of the anthropic and naturalistic context and from the will to generate a process of urban redevelopment and reactivation capable of providing the city with a new cultural hub.

The first priority consists of giving back to the city its magnificent face on the north side, often represented in the views and engravings preceding the construction of the paper mill, where the convent of Santa Caterina emerged as the last built element characterizing the edge between the city ​​and the bucolic landscape. Following this strategy, the volume of the auditorium has been inserted within the walls of the convent of Santa Caterina that, after regaining its lost visibility, acquires a new functional value.

The second design priority consists of providing the city with a belvedere over the Aniene valley. The volume of the car parking is therefore used for this purpose, constituting a pedestal – reminding the substructure on which the convent was built in ancient times – whose roof is intended as a panoramic public space. The volume is structurally designed to consolidate the plot, in particular the foundations of the tower of Santa Caterina as well as the west slope affected by the collapse of 2009.


Assignment: Competition
Client:  Comune di Tivoli
Status: 1st Prize – ongoing
Year: 2021
Location: Tivoli, ITA
Size: 5.000 mq
Budget: 4.630.000 €
With: expandstudio

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