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Passepartout Guest House

Hospitality – Interior

Passepartout is a guesthouse located in a historic building in the center of Rome, near Piazza Navona. The rooms have been created by dividing large apartments and retain the structural and architectural features of the buildings erected between the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. Terrazzo floors, wooden beams, and coffered ceilings have been reclaimed and preserved so they could be enhanced in a context of minimal yet sophisticated furnishings. The design involved not only the interior and finishes but also the installation equipment and structural parts, including the reinforcement of some existing floors and the creation of openings in load-bearing walls.


Assignment: Direct
Client:  Private
Status: 2020 - ongoing
Year: 2023
Location: Roma, ITA
Size: 500 mq
Budget: 400.000 €

Photographs: Marta Puglia

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